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To get the best from a holiday at Finca Arboleda we recommend that you rent a car, car rental is fairly inexpensive in Spain if you book early.

Please let us know if you have any problems with these companies and we will remove the link.

Fuel policy, some companies operate a full out, back empty policy. If you are unlikely to use a full tank this may not be your best option.

Insurance excess, some companies use high pressure selling when you collect the car, if you aren't totally sure what to do you can be pressurized into buying an expensive cover. Another option is to take the minimum cover with the rental company and then top up before you leave with cheaper cover from, for example Questor cover. We are not connected to Questor and there are other options.

Goldcar, some guests have experienced long delays and less than perfect customer service with this company but a lot of people do use them as they tend to be the cheapest. They also employ hard sales techniques on excess insurance which can be very stressful and we suggest you consider an independent company like Questor for insurance cover, linked above, for your peace of mind. Unfortunately we have heard stories where Goldcar won't recognise these insurances and although you will be covered by them Goldcar will insist on blocking money on your credit card.  If you hire through Goldcar, to minimise delays we recommend that while one person collects cases another gets in the Goldcar queue.

Martin Lewis' money saving expert has these tips.

Zest Car Hire, is a trusted award winning broker.

Do You Spain is another broker.

Centauro also may have good deals.
Vera near Mojacar,
Costa Almeria, Spain