High speed train

Since before we moved here there have been plans for a high speed rail link between Murcia and Almeria. The plan is to have one station on this route. Last year the Spanish Prime Minister bought a holiday apartment on Vera Playa. The station is going to be in Vera! Plans for the exact location seem to change every month. The train, as long as it doesn’t pass too close, should be good for the area. In general the AVE is a fantastic railway system, a link between Madrid and Barcelona has just opened and the flight route has lost 40% of it’s traffic already. If the train is more than 5 minutes late everyone gets a full refund.

The area had a steam railway system, GSSR, built by the English in the 1880’s and originally intended to link Murcia and Granada. Problems with the terrain and money meant the railway only connected Baza, Aguillas and Lorca. The railway was seized by the Spanish during the Civil War and is now mainly closed except for parts between Aguillas and Lorca.

Visit this link if you are interested in some of the history of this area.

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