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Tourist Videos

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

I’ve found a few tourist videos of the area on Youtube. There is one of Vera here.

I’ve also linked a few others here. Enjoy!

Helen and Len

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Some of you who have stayed here are aware of the story of the Priors, their  home was demolished by the regional government in a political row 2 years ago. I don’t usually post here about them but i am pleased to say they have at last got some good news.

A note from the AUAN:
After two years of living in their former garage, following the illegal demolition of their home, at last there is a bit of good news for Len and Helen Prior of Vera.
As well as claiming compensation from the council for the loss of their home, the lawyers acting for the couple also applied for “provisional measures” to house them in a property similar to the one they lost. Now the judge in the case has ordered the council to either find them a similar property or pay the rent on one they find for themselves while the case is sorted out.
Len and Helen have indeed found a suitable property and are now waiting for the council to approve the agreement. They are both pensioners and their health has suffered considerably during the stress of the last two years. The demolition of their house was illegal and to date they have received nothing for their loss.
They have NOT won their case, NEITHER have they received any compensation. These matters are still to be resolved.
But we at the AUAN are delighted that they will at least be accommodated somewhere more suitable than the garage in which they have spent their last two anxious years.

High speed train

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Since before we moved here there have been plans for a high speed rail link between Murcia and Almeria. The plan is to have one station on this route. Last year the Spanish Prime Minister bought a holiday apartment on Vera Playa. The station is going to be in Vera! Plans for the exact location seem to change every month. The train, as long as it doesn’t pass too close, should be good for the area. In general the AVE is a fantastic railway system, a link between Madrid and Barcelona has just opened and the flight route has lost 40% of it’s traffic already. If the train is more than 5 minutes late everyone gets a full refund.

The area had a steam railway system, GSSR, built by the English in the 1880’s and originally intended to link Murcia and Granada. Problems with the terrain and money meant the railway only connected Baza, Aguillas and Lorca. The railway was seized by the Spanish during the Civil War and is now mainly closed except for parts between Aguillas and Lorca.

Visit this link if you are interested in some of the history of this area.

Your Holiday Matters

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Finca Arboleda has been approved for inclusion on to a site called Your Holiday Matters it should prove to be good for us as people will know they will be staying at a place where we care about the quality of the service we provide.

Wow! that was a bit serious.


Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I seem to be having a Manana week. The tax man is still keeping us waiting, manana is the cry.

I ordered some gravel on Monday and it hasn’t been delivered yet, it’s Friday, because the lorry is kaput, so I went to get some gravel with the trailer and there was another problem, they don’t actually have the gravel, MANANA!

We’ve been revamping the patio area around the stables, I’ll post some pictures when the gravel arrives and we can finish it, manana.

I upgraded the blog and that always gives me problems, normally because i have to think a bit before using the new program, therefore no new blog for a week, there’s always Manana.

Still I’ve still had a better week than John Terry!

When Sammy met Stiggy (A day out in Albox)

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

We went to Albox last week to see our good friends Pat and Pete, actually the real reason was to see the their new dog, Sammy, an 18 month old cross from the local rescue centre, APSA. She and Stig got on fine and we took them or maybe they took us for a long walk in the spectacular countryside around their home.

Sammy was exhausted when we got back as she persisted in racing up and down every hill we saw. Stig was a bit disappointed by the lack of Rabbits to chase.

Of course you know by now this is just an excuse to post some pictures here