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I don’t believe it!

First Iceland and now an Irish bar, what are they doing to Vera? Picture stolen from David Jackson’s excellent blog

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How quick do we reply to your emails?

A listing site, Rentalia, is publishing the average response time for owners replying to enquiries. We were astonished to see that only 25% reply within 48 hours. We will normally respond within the hour, if we are out it may … Continue reading

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Rick Stein

If you like Spanish food be sure to catch Rick Stein’s Spain on BBC2, it’s live on Thursday’s. Part 1 was last week but still available on iPlayer etc.

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Guiris wanted.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, tells us that a guiri is a local colloquial term used exclusively in Spain, not in Mexico or any other Spanish-speaking countries, to refer to foreign tourists on package holidays on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The … Continue reading

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La Casa del Cine de Almería

A museum documenting the film history of Almeria has opened. It is in a renovated 19th Cent. manor house which was home to John Lennon when he filmed “How I won the war” in Almeria in late 1966. Lennon wrote … Continue reading

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