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Flight search

Just added a great tool, from Skyscanner, to help with booking flights, see it here. Use it if you’re coming here or indeed flying anywhere.

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A little peace of mind when booking flights

While we’re thinking about money have a read about section 75 Basically it is probably worth spending a couple of pounds extra and using a credit card rather than a debit card to book your flights, car hire etc.

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Best ways to get those holiday Euros

The fall in Sterling has made it even more important that you shop around to get the best exchange rate. Luckily for you Martin Lewis has done all the work here. He plumps for the Abbey credit, I would still … Continue reading

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It’s got to be Tuesday

Ryanair have flights from Stansted to Almeria in September and October on Tuesday’s for less than £2 each way which makes about £40 return including taxes. Come and enjoy some late sunshine, you know it’ll be raining in the UK!

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