Taxi for Barry, Lampard, Rooney.

Having spent the day listening to Talk Spite, 5 Live, Sky Sports News and watching the 1st 2 games I was convinced that Barry is the saviour of English football, the like of which we haven’t seen since’66.

Algeria needn’t bother to even turn up, 4-0 minimum the experts tell me. I’m already convinced England only have 3 decent players, Rooney and the Cole brothers, but I’ll go with the flow.

My God! that was the worst 45 minutes ever, birthday boy will sort it out at half time we’re told but no, more of the same. We need inspiration from the bench and what do we get, Wright-Phillips for Lennon.

We’ve had estate agents, lawyers, city fat cats and bankers but overpaid footballers rank top of the pile, I give up…..what times the Slovenia game?

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