Helen and Len

Some of you who have stayed here are aware of the story of the Priors, their  home was demolished by the regional government in a political row 2 years ago. I don’t usually post here about them but i am pleased to say they have at last got some good news.

A note from the AUAN:
After two years of living in their former garage, following the illegal demolition of their home, at last there is a bit of good news for Len and Helen Prior of Vera.
As well as claiming compensation from the council for the loss of their home, the lawyers acting for the couple also applied for “provisional measures” to house them in a property similar to the one they lost. Now the judge in the case has ordered the council to either find them a similar property or pay the rent on one they find for themselves while the case is sorted out.
Len and Helen have indeed found a suitable property and are now waiting for the council to approve the agreement. They are both pensioners and their health has suffered considerably during the stress of the last two years. The demolition of their house was illegal and to date they have received nothing for their loss.
They have NOT won their case, NEITHER have they received any compensation. These matters are still to be resolved.
But we at the AUAN are delighted that they will at least be accommodated somewhere more suitable than the garage in which they have spent their last two anxious years.

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