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This Spring

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

What have we been up to? I’m not sure really, we seem to have been busy, how do people find time to go out to work?
We finally finished the road where it passes the pool to drive down to the stables.

Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers

We built a small wall with old railway sleepers and it looks good.
We have tried to improve the internet in the stables and first signs are good, we installed a 20db parabolic antenna. We need feedback from guests to see how it works.

Internet Antenna

Internet Antenna

After quite a wet winter we have had loads of Plums and Apricots and Pirkko has been busy making Jam that we intend to let you, the guests, try, it has been pretty popular already with some people buying extra to take home. We now have fresh Figs and Mulberries. We used to sell excess fruit to the local co-operative but the prices have dropped every year while they rise in the Supermarkets. This year our friend Pauline has been taking them to Albox car boot and they have sold well.

The Olives are coming on nicely and I’m sure it will be our biggest harvest, late November if you fancy helping to pick, not compulsory but it’s normally a fun day or 3 with a good lunch thrown in.

Spotify anyone?

A Day at the Press

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Local unloading his Olives wearing slippers in the rain

I normally try and paint a rosy picture about life here but this was a truly miserable day.

We cobbled together 500kgs of Olives and headed up to Arboleas, our 1st time at this particular press, for our 1 O’clock appointment. After picking the Olives in 20+ degs we now had 13 degs and rain. After hanging around for 2 hours we finally got to empty the trailer at 3 O’clock. Now we’re there we thought until SeƱorita Olivo decided it was lunch time, “Can you come back in 2 hours!”

We retired to the filling station next door for very nice 3 course Menu Del Dia for 8.5 euros. Refreshed we headed back to the press to be told that our 500kgs only weighed 440kgs on their scales, it started to rain again. After an hour waiting for the people in front of us to bottle their oil we were ON! We ended up with 83 litres of oil.

Dave trys the hard stuff

Dave trys the hard stuff

There are a few more pictures here