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Lubrin fiesta

Monday, January 24th, 2011

We finally made it to Lubrin fiesta this year. You can see an account, movie and pictures here.

A good day in a roundabout way

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Left home to take Mum up to Bedar for lunch but Miramar, great Lamb, is closed on Thursday, no problem the view and  drive are always worth doing. Where now? we thought of Bar La Montaña, they have jam sessions on Sundays, never been, so we could try it out. I’m afraid it looked a bit scruffy so we pressed on, great scenery, so still no problem. Where now? El Marchal, haven’t been there for years. CLOSED!

Still fun roads with a commentary from the back: “Reminds me of  Mallorca or maybe Austria Oh look it could be the Lake District over there, without the lakes of course.” By now we were at Lubrin where we take our Olives to be pressed and worth a visit. Heading back towards Vera we remembered Bar Lopez at Rambla Aljibe-Lubrin, Perfect! a great Menu del Dia 11 euros with wine, friendly owner and staff, go and try it.

Back in the car and an equally picturesque journey home through the Mountains all in a big circle, we will do it again and so should you.

The Driver wasn’t drinking!