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Fire update

Friday, July 24th, 2009

The fire started in the Cabreras on the hottest day of the year and fanned by 80kmh winds spread towards Mojacar. 1500 people were evacuated and many spent the night on the beach, actually more pleasant than being indoors probably. It seems to be getting back to normal but as it is the second fire this month speculation is starting about the cause and the lack of firebreaks.
There is damage to property but I won’t try and guess about how much, our area is unaffected.

David Jackson is updating here with reports and pictures.
The last 10 days have seen a large operation to clear scrub land in this area and it appears that crops are going to be grown for the 1st time since we have been here. Locals say that when the economy gets tough the Spanish head back to the land.

Fire update

Friday, July 17th, 2009

All appears under control in the Cabrera’s and the major structural lose is the restaurant Finca Listonero.

Turre town hall have posted a lot of pictures of the fire and aftermath here.