The Giant Geode of Pulpí.

The Giant Geode of Pulpí was declared this Tuesday to be a Natural Monument of Andalusia. Located in the Mina Rica, in the eastern sector of the Betic Cordillera and at the foot of the Sierra del Aguilón, it is a giant geode, about eight meters long by two meters high it is covered with enormous gypsum crystals and makes it a unique geological wonder. Its transparency and state of conservation make it a jewel of nature. In fact, it is considered the largest geode in the world.


There is more information about how to visit this unique attraction here.

The crystal cave is a major attraction in the Pilar de Jaravía area due to its size and the transparency of the rocks.
It is located 50 meters beneath Mina Rica, a silver mine that closed in the 1960s.
La Sierra del Aguilón has been a mining area all throughout history. Contemporary mining begins in 1840 with the use of trenches and silver galena cuts. After 1870, iron extraction starts taking place. Although it seemed as if Mina Rica was forgotten, in 1999 it regains  popularity thanks to the discovery of the largest mineral geode in Europe. 20 years later, Mina Rica’s reopening project allows everyone to appreciate the wonderful heritage Pulpí’s miners left us with.

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