Walt was a son of Mojacar?

Walt Disney in 1954, cropped from a NASA photo

Walt Disney in 1954, cropped from a NASA photo

A new book on urban legends of the province has just been published
Some of the urban legends of the province of Almeria are about to see new light as a new book on the subject is published by local author, Alberto Cerezuela.

The most famous one, which claims that Walt Disney was born in Mojácar, has been well publicised, but there are plenty others which have awakened the interest of the young author. When asked by 20 minutos about the Disney story, Alberto said that it was a very interesting tale. He says he spoke to a resident of Mojacar who says he was Walt Disney’s neighbour, but that the claims were difficult to prove, especially as the family are not prepared to do any DNA testing.

Another of the author’s favourites is Los Fuegos de Laroya. This legend tells stories of spontaneous combustion in the small village of Laroya in the year 1945, with clothes, furniture and even animals suddenly bursting into flame.

The book in Spanish is called ‘Enigmas y leyendas de Almería’ and is published by Ediciones Culti

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