Los Velez

We finally made it to Los Velez. The area is about 45 minutes inland and slightly north. There is a motorway or the cross country route. We took the later through Santa Nieva and it really is beautiful, hilly but a lot softer than the coast. The area is mainly used for Pig prodution and used to be quite pongy but we didn’t notice it, i think they’ve modernised a lot.

We stopped at Velez Rubio with its large Church and Velez Blanco which has a Castle, the yanks bought the contents a while ago so it’s empty now. This is also where the Indalo Man paintings were 1st found. We ended up at Maria which is a famous for its Jamon and there are lots of places that you can taste and buy.

We came back on the motorway and very nice day was had by all!

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