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Rain, Rain, Rain!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Great day here yesterday, it rained all day. Got up around 4:30 and watched the end of the Cricket. Did a couple of hours work on the day job. Looked at all the snowy pictures on Facebook. Watched SIX episodes of Mad Men and the El Clasico, Barca v R. Madrid game where my 2 favourite Portuguese men* lost 5-0. Perfect!

Today? is that rain coming or will I have to clear up LOADS of Fig leaves?

*Ronaldo and Mourinho

Viva Barca

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Sorry Andrew but the best team, by a mile, won.

We had friends arriving to stay so by the time we had eaten we were watching the match delayed by nearly an hour. As the 2nd half started for us it finished in real time and we were in no doubt of the outcome as Vera erupted in a spontaneous firework attack.

We arrived back from walking Stig this morning to be greeted by Asprodalba blasting out, you guessed it, BARCELONA! by Freddie and Montserrat Caballe. It’s gone quiet now.